Contactless Water Conductivity Sensor

Corrosion-immune and biofouling-resistant sensor for measuring conductivity in natural or urban freshwater systems

Musical Rocket Bells

What would rocket nozzle bells sound like if they were played like musical bells?

Giant Wind Chimes

Very large windchimes precisely designed and tuned using FEA and CAD software

Long-Distance Relationship Light

A pair of networked RGB LED widgets that synchronously change color when one of them is activated

GOES-16 Image Fetcher and Desktop Background Utility

Want a (nearly) real-time picture of the Earth from space as your desktop background? Look no further.

Ultimate Deathtrap: The Danger Scooter

80s childrens’ kick-scooter converted into an electric 20mph monstrosity

Portrait Printing Typewriter

Brother SX-4000 electric typewriter modified to print JPGs as ASCII text

The Scanmera

Microtek ScanMaker4900 flatbed scanner modified into a large-format VIS-NIR multispectral camera

Recent Publications

(2018). Absence of genetic selection in a pathogenic Escherichia coli strain exposed to the manure-amended soil environment. In PLOS ONE.


(2018). The Development of a Novel Capacitive Water Conductivity Sensor. In the University of Minnesota Digital Conservancy.

PDF Project

(2013). Genetic Variability, Evolution, and Biological Effects of Grapevine fanleaf virus Satellite RNAs. In Phytopathology.